It’s Spoilerin’ Time 133

Summer Movie Draft, The Get Down (101), Mr. Robot (206), Preacher (110), Justified (305). With special guest Andrew Zarian.

01:19 – Summer Movie Draft

06:29 – Mr. Robot (206)

24:37 – The Get Down (101)

31:18 – Preacher (110)

34:49 – Justified (305)

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One Response to “It’s Spoilerin’ Time 133”

  1. John Dempsey

    I wish you guys would use a HDHomerun , based on Brian’s comments on the last cord killers I’m not sure you guys understand this product, I own 3 of them and there is no other product like it , I use Apple TV 4 s as my front ends on all my tvs , I can watch everything with one consistent UI over the whole house
    DVR recorded and place in a folder that Plex sees

    Please email me , I’m a Prolific cord cutter from 2009