It’s A Thing- s03e06 – Butter Coffee

Polson's_Coffee_&_ButterWe’re not going to lie. It sounds crazy. But butter in your coffee is not only a thing, it’s an old thing that’s getting big again and it’s bulletproof. Don’t judge it until you’ve tried it.

Thanks to ‏@AlbertoPolintan for the thing!

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One Response to “It’s A Thing- s03e06 – Butter Coffee”

  1. John Kobe

    It cracked me up that the big discussion was about why butter was allowed by Paleo’s but milk was not, when I am pretty sure the true Paleo people weren’t drinking coffee at all, so why is coffee allowed? 🙂

    Love the show, glad to get it in bunches. Or not…… really just glad you two are doing a show together again. There is definitely not enough Molly Wood in my podcast life. 🙁