Interview with Aussie Tech Heads

I had the chance to sit down and have a lovely chat (over Skype of course) with Shayne Johnston from Aussie Tech Heads.

You can watch the interview at their site!

2 Responses to “Interview with Aussie Tech Heads”

  1. Mike Carter

    Great to see you sharing about yourself Tom. Wonderful show.
    Thanks for giving time to australian shows. The best tech show was techtalkradio but it has finished. Another great one for you to be a guest would be nerdzilla. Not a tnt more of a framerate. You would fit like a hand in a glove

  2. Mike Carter

    Glenn’s show aussietechheads is current best tech. Ausdroid is best phone show. Byteintoit is good tech too but a bit tedious at times as it has a tendency to philosophize.
    If you publish above comment would you add above to last sentence instead of separate comment?