Frame Rate 97: And… Science!

Hosts: Brian Brushwood and Tom Merritt

Skydiver Baumgartner sets YouTube record, FCC allows basic cable encryption, leaked Boxee TV, Spotify TV deal with Samsung, and more.

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Running time: 1:07:29

One Response to “Frame Rate 97: And… Science!”

  1. Tom, since the twit show notes are not up for this episode yet, I haven’t been able to figure out how to add a helpful link, so I’ll put it here and maybe you can add it to the official show notes? (I know if I wait for the official notes to go up, I will totally forget about this.)

    Your list of links appears to not include the article on Jason Kilar (for your convenience, it’s I ended up Googling it based on Hulu and the author’s name, who you mentioned in the show. I haven’t read it yet, but have used Instapaper to send it to my Kindle to read later. It looks fascinating, especially since I find the Hulu experience to be far and away the superior streaming resource on the web. (If only CBS would use them! Gaah!)

    Anyway, thanks for the great show.