Frame Rate 138: What You Want, When You Want

Hosts: Tom Merritt, Brian Brushwood.

Kevin Spacey Goes All House of Cards on Hollywood, Maker Studios Buys Blip, and a Home Outside of YouTube, and more.

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Running time:: 1:05:32

One Response to “Frame Rate 138: What You Want, When You Want”

  1. I’m sure I’m not the first person to raise this point, but I haven’t heard it discussed before. Maybe you guys can raise it as a topic on a future episode of Frame Rate.

    I am as much a fan of binge viewing as everyone else. I don’t like to wait. I don’t like to be slave to the whims of others. When I find something I enjoy, I love to be able to access all of it NOW.

    BUT…don’t you see that the “binge viewing” concept is largely a false construct? The idea that production for all episodes of a series would end on the same day is ridiculous. All series have production schedules and it takes time. I seriously doubt that the production schedule for House of Cards was all that different from that of The West Wing. If there are cost-alleviating pressures that can be avoided by a somewhat random production schedule (and I’m sure this is the case sometimes…where cast members are only available to shoot their parts in a short time-frame), I’m all for it. But, assuming a relatively linear production schedule…releasing a series as a big binge actually represents a significant DELAY in releasing episodes that are in the can months earlier.

    I would personally want to see things released as they are ready for the public, as long as it’s done in a chronological fashion.

    And, let’s face it…EVERYTHING becomes available for “bingeing” as soon as the final episode has been released anyway.

    I just think this distinction is somewhat silly.

    And if you guys have a different viewpoint, I’d love to hear it and consider it!

    thanks for listening,