DTNS 2147 – Google Buys a Nest

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comIyaz Akhtar joins to chat about products at CES you CAN actually buy, the rise of messaging apps and Google buying Nest Labs.


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Show Notes

As I mentioned on the show today, next Thursday and Friday I’ll be shooting season 2 of Sword and Laser’s video show. So I need YOU to guest host.

Next Thursday and Friday will be special “News From You” shows. I’ll still pop in with a couple late-breaking headlines but I want to hear YOUR news reports. What’s the tech project you think isn’t getting
enough attention? What’s that point about wearables you think nobody else has mentioned? Let your voice be heard!

Here’s what you do
Record your bit as an audio file and email it to [email protected] and use the subject line NEWS FOR YOU or CALL (512) 593-2459 that’s (512) 59-DAILY. If we get it by 3 PM Eastern/11 AM Pacific Thursday morning, we’ll consider it for that day’s show. Same thing for Friday.

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7 Responses to “DTNS 2147 – Google Buys a Nest”

  1. Fantastic! I had been in a total slump since your last TNT show. My whole daily podcast experience had been just hijacked. I then decided to search around and see what you were up to and voila I found this show and I am SO happy. I got 2 items out of it which I had not heard/read of yet and can use in my daily job. That is what TNT was for me so often over the years. I will certainly be listening more than watching as that my consumption habit. Great work Tom. Also great hearing Iyaz as well. Good to hear he also has landed well.