DTNS 2144 – Putting the smart in TV

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comTom reviews some more announcements from CES, especially Sony’s Internet TV service, with Justin Robert Young.


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5 Responses to “DTNS 2144 – Putting the smart in TV”

  1. Private Post For Tom

    (please moderate not to publically post this comment)

    Tom, you need a way to you send hot news tips.

    And I have one for you:

    SUSA Cloud Storage (spell that backwards) account database just hacked!

    How do I know? For many years, my company issues custom email address to anyone who emails us (no exceptions), so that we can track incoming spam, and shut it off.

    For example, just to post here, I use [email protected].

    This morning, viri infected emails started coming in for the cloud storage company (listed below) that was associated with the tablets bought from that manufacturer.

    Only the cloud storage accounts ever had knowledge of the email addresses, so it is a fair bet to say that the cloud storage login database was most likely hacked.

    So far, infected emails have contained either:

    From: “Incoming Fax”
    Subject “Scanned Image from a Xerox WorkCenter”
    Body: Instructions to open with Adobe Acrobat.
    Attachment Type: zip
    Extracted Payload Type: exe

    From: “Administrator”
    Subject “Voice Message From Unknown (563-459-8763)”
    Body: Instructions to open with Adobe Acrobat.
    Attachment Type: zip
    Extracted Payload Type: exe

    BTW: This email system of ours make a great early warning system. Countless time, I have spotted hacked commercial databases this way, only to read about it in the news days or weeks later. It’s a great big honeypot for the next big trojan.

    Want another hot news tip? How about hard evidence of a bug in PayPal’s merchant reports that cause it to contain incorrect financial data, causing merchants to file incorrect state and local tax reports! As Leo said recently, “Who pulls out a calculator and checks the accuracy of a bank statement”? Well, I did! Want the evidence? Just ask!

    Another hot news tip? The “PayPal Here” merchant credit card app can be easily made to install on disallowed Android devices. While they do numerous checks for disallowed devices at play store level, no runtime checks are performed. Want the evidence? Just ask!

    Ok, there ya go Tom. Hope this was helpful.

    Joe Hecht
    TJoe(), Code4Sale, LLC

  2. Thanks, this show is like coming home. As a TWiT listener since 05/06 I gave TNT a go when you moved over from CNET and for a while I also stuck with Buzz Out Loud until it became clear that I could not listen to everything. I must say I felt bad turning my back on Molly, however TNT won my listening time.

    Coming up to date, something has been grating with me for a while now in TWiT and your move prompted me again to double up on my daily tech news but it has taken very few episodes for me to jump ship this time and with little remorse. I find that the new TNT simply fails to engage me.

    I must be on my 4th platinum year with Audible, am a SquareSpace customer and bought ProXPN all as a result of TWiT advertising. I also spend a very significant level of IT dollars in my work life. I hope some of them see fit to move their dollars or at least spread them round.

    Many thanks for the new show.