DTNS 2141 – Reupload: Quanto smash!

DTNS logo by Sam SmithThis is a reupload of Friday’s episode for some users of iTunes having problems with that ep. If you already have 2141 you can delete this. My apologies for the inconvenience – Tom

Darren Kitchen of Hak5 joins me to talk about Quantum Computers and free Harvard coding classes, while Len Peralta illustrates the show and introduces us to Quanto!


6 Responses to “DTNS 2141 – Reupload: Quanto smash!”

  1. Tom,

    Really enjoying episode episode 2141. Man, did those first two thousand or so fly by! Fact is, I have listened to many of them. I like the new direction, and the folks that have come with you. Looking forward to new episodes.

  2. Mark Leonesio

    You’re still my go to guy for guy for tech news. I’ll have to admit, I never even heard of your previous employer until you jump ship from CNET and BOL in 2010.
    I’ve been a loyal listener since the original IPad announcement with you and Molly Wood and would love to see the three or four of you along with Veronica and/or Natalie as the new news team.
    Good luck with your new venture.

  3. Just listened to my first episode of TNT without you- it’s not the same. It’s ok at best. Unfortunately they are now missing the personality that makes it feel right (and exciting). Just subscribed to your Daily Tech News Show, I like it so far. I hope we might see some of the other exciting people you’ve worked with previously do more work with you ( like Molly Wood or Becky Worley etc).

    Good luck with you new show, I’ll likely be recommending it to people I know.

  4. Downloading your new tech news podcast now. So glad you’re doing this. I tried listening to a certain new podcaster on a certain show and it just didn’t work for me. I always liked both your delivery and the input you brought to the commentary.

  5. You have all the Tech Merritts in make a successful show. Even if this is pre-alpha, I still feel right at home. I can’t say the same for Twit’s new TNT reboot. I wish nothing but great things.

  6. New guy at TNT isn’t working for me. Had to come over here for the enthusiasm and personality that is now sorely lacking.

    Good show, great standard as always.