DTNS 2141: Quanto smash!

DTNS logo by Sam SmithDarren Kitchen of Hak5 joins me to talk about Quantum Computers and free Harvard coding classes, while Len Peralta illustrates the show and introduces us to Quanto!

Multiple versions (ogg, video etc.) from Archive.org.



Big thanks to Dan Lueders for the music!

Big thanks to Sam Smith for the logo!

Show Notes

7 Responses to “DTNS 2141: Quanto smash!”

  1. Tom,
    I wanted to leave message and tell you how glad that I am that you are doing your own daily tech news show. TNT was the one show on twit that I made sure to never miss, which was mainly because I enjoyed your perspective, enthusiasm, and wit. I tried listening to the new TNT with Mike Elgan, but it was unbearable. I know you gave him your endorsement, and I’m sure his a good guy, but he should not be hosting a show. I’m sure he’s a bright guy, and knows tech, but his monotone delivery, and lack of sense of humor, causes me to completely tune him out. The one, and only, thing that TNT has going for it now is its brand (which you built) and it’s easy to find. I’m certain that TNT fans are going to find and follow you to DTNS and not look back. This move was likely a blessing in disguise; you now have the opportunity to build something great…twit 2.0…
    I wish you the best of luck. I’m excited for you.

  2. turniphead


    I am excited to see you have a new show up and running. I always loved you on TNT and was sad to see you go, but somehow I think you came out ahead in this deal. My question is; do you have any plans to do a live-style show, similar to TNT? I understand that a tiny percentage of your overall viewers were the live viewers, but I really enjoyed pre-show and post-show banter, setup, etc.
    Congrats on moving on, and good luck to you over the coming weeks!

  3. Josh, you said exactly what I’ve been thinking the past few days listening to the new TNT and Tom’s DTNS side by side. I’ve enjoyed Elgan’s commentary when he was a guest on This Week In Tech, but his delivery as host in the TNT format leaves a lot to be desired. Also, I really enjoyed the old 45 minute format and the back and forth between the guests and the TNT panel. Tom, while I know it’d be hard to do, one more guest and a longer podcast would be great. Still, I’m digging the new daily show as well as Cordkillers. Keep up the good work!