Don’t miss my new shows!

Surveyor holding hand upThanks to your help, momentum is building and I’m looking forward to a fantastic 2014.

Cordkillers, if you didn’t hear, will launch in beta this Monday December 23rd. Brian Brushwood and I will be joined by one Justin Robert Young to talk about all the news and info about watching what you want when you want and on any device you want. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE. It will make Brian’s children smile. And us too.

Current Geek launches Jan. 3 with a fantastic episode featuring Mark “Turpster” Turpin and Ms. Veronica Belmont. We’ll talk video takedowns, best gifts from the holidays, look forward to CES and a load of movies music and even food maybe. Who knows? You will after you SUBSCRIBE and listen. OK I’ll stop shouting subscribe. As long as you agree to subscribe.

Daily Tech News Show – My beta daily news update will launch Jan. 2 with my first guest being Tim Stevens of CNET. This is just a test show while I rebuild the best daily tech news show I can do. It would mean to world to me if you subscribed to that one too. See? No shouting.

Last of the old. Looking backwards just one last time, my last episode as host of Tech news Today will be Monday December 30. Sarah, Jason, Iyaz and myself will run down and converse about the top stories of the year with the help of Dr. Kiki and Darren Kitchen.

13 Responses to “Don’t miss my new shows!”

  1. Arik Hetue

    Subscribed to all three in Downcast. Can’t wait. pledged some dough for cordkillers and currentgeek as well. Don’t be afraid to have a chip in for DTNS either. Your commentary is worth it.