Did that really happen?

Did that really happen?

8 Responses to “Did that really happen?”

  1. You have the dear in the headlights look.
    Did this truly come out of left field or did he give you any hints?
    Would you consider guesting on any TWiT shows? Maybe on TWiT or TNT?
    Does this have any impact on Frame Rate? Or any other future collaborations?
    These are just a few of the questions we’re all asking.

  2. So sorry to hear you are leaving tnt and framerate, my two favorite podcasts since the beginning. You were the professional lead on both! You had a large part in building the brand success of both. Ads on those shows must have made Leo a ton of money. Going forward, I’m sure you will do fine in whatever you do. From a fellow Illinoisan (Quincy) and UIUC engineering grad 1963

  3. Ridiculously bummed to hear you’re leaving TNT (and I’m presuming, Frame Rate). I’m a long-time listener and supporter (via Kickstarter). Sorry you have to go through this. You’ve made a huge difference to the TWiT network and I’m confident you’ll land on your feet. We’ll be here watching and supporting…

  4. Tom,

    I am really happy for you. You are leaving at the right time. Ego and arrogance has become common place on several of the TWIT shows.

    It will be interesting to see what the TWIT viewer numbers will be in 2014. Will they continue to decline? As you know, UStream displays the number of current viewers and it seems the shine is off the apple.

    Looking forward to watching your new shows in 2014! I am confident, if you remain yourself, they will be Internet hits!