Current Geek 83: "An Error Jordan in judgement…"

“An Error Jordan in judgement…”

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  1. Cathy

    Hi Tom,
    This is Cathy~
    I am a chinese girl & I am now listening your reporting of the Iphone 4G.

    I’m not a technology fan and I hear U just by chance when I am struggling with my article.It is 1:43 in the early morning in China when my poor brain now is harden into stone because of my essay about “Blog”… Only 809 words has being finished, in an other word, there are more than 2191 words still unborned…I am going to be mad… hum…

    I was deadly sleepy…I like your voice but I cannot hold on to the end~
    Enjoy your working~:)

    p.s. I write to u just want to tell you that I really like you though I knew you just 30 minutes before…I really think that you are charming~:)

    yours sincerely