Cranky Geeks 106: Offline, online, who cares?

Had the honor of being on John C. Dvorak and Sebatian Rupley’s wonderful Cranky Geeks round table. David Spark, an old friend from the ZDTV days joined in as well. Talkin’ Google, Yahoo, and more.

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One Response to “Cranky Geeks 106: Offline, online, who cares?”

  1. arkanic

    Mr. Merritt,
    Your behavior demands comment at an interval of more than once every 14 days. we have been remiss…
    Cranky Geeks was good solid stuff as per usual,though I enjoy the debates with Rafe more ,btw Roadtests are good just not all the time
    Mahalo- excellent VB is the best,though the bathing scene a little risque
    the Cnet Live Jonathan Coulton interview and twit episode were great JC just got another fan.
    Now about last thursday on Live,yes the nose typing contest,are you trying to turn Live into Twenty One ? A most blatant attempt at rigging the contest. Be aware we have our eyes on you and our senators number on speed dial.