Cordkillers: Ep. 4 – You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, Brian.

Netflix defies net neutrality foes, Why Intel ditching it’s Internet TV effort, is not what you thought, and TiVo tries really hard to convince you of something. 

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Cordkillers: Ep. 4 – You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, Brian
Recorded: January 27 2014

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Front Lines

  • HBO Showtime say not losing subs.
    Remember NPD said Pay TV channels lost 6% of Internet household subs in the last 2 years. HBO and SHO say NO WAY! HBO says it added 1.9 million subs in 2012. SHO said it has added 1 million a year in 6 of last 7 years. NPD Group removed the press release from its website and issued a “data clarification” statement on Wednesday that said it “should not have called out declines in subscribers for specific premium TV channels, HBO and Showtime.” fewer households are subscribing overall, but those households that are subscribing are subscribing to more premium channels.
  • Sources say new Apple TV box likely coming soon.
    App/Game Store possible — 9to5 Mac’s sources say next Apple TV will still be a set-top box coming first half 2014. New OS like iOS 7. Previously sources indicated possible new input methods like motion control. iLo8unge reported possible gaming content.
  • Netflix now lets you disable Post-Play to avoid binge watching entire TV seasons
    You can now uncheck “Play next episode automatically” in Netflix settings.
  • Tarantino shelves ‘Hateful Eight’ script after leak.
    Hateful Eight leaked so Tarantino will publish a written version and then move on to next project. He may revisit Hateful Eight as a film in five years or so. Only gave the script to 6 people. Suspects CAA showed it around.
  • Google can now say if your internet connection is quick enough for YouTube
    Google launched Video Quality Report reliability rankings for YouTube by ISP. Canada got it first. Coming to other countries soon.
  • ESPN is wary of cord-cutters, says protecting pay-TV is first priority
    Monday WSJ interview with ESPN execs. Priority is to protect pay TV profits and the $5.50 a month per sub ESPN gets paid. Company trying to improve selling ads int apps.

On screen

Dispatches from the front

  • Hey Brian and Tom,
    I know the movie draft is over but i noticed they re-released Gravity into theaters. As a result Casey is now within 10mil of taking 2nd place from Justin so by the end of this weekend it could be very close. I would say this is more evidence that the draft is fine staying the way it is. That there is no need to split up movies.

    Thanks really enjoy the show,


  • Purchasing streaming media isn’t always the best decision me thinks. Let’s say for example I want to watch the first season of “Person of Interest” Let’s use Amazon Prime, as an example of the provider of said content. I can buy the full season from Amazon Instant for $40 Or, I can buy the DVD set from Amazon for $19. Yea, I have to wait two days to watch, but I save $21 and I have hard copies with re-sale value. There is no value in a “instant video” purchase. I can understand 30 or 40 dollars for a season currently in the process of airing, but for previous seasons? No way! If Netflix, Prime, and Hulu remain somewhat limited in mainstream variety, and Instant video remains costly, I wonder; that as cord-cutting increases, will disc media sales also begin to increase?

    Richard Bixler


  • Hey guys,

    I’m Zaz: a big fan and patreon of the show. I’m also a product manager for SideReel and would love your feedback on our Cord-Cutting Guide. Our hope is to help our users navigate some of the many hardware and service options out there and maybe even expand to include options outside the U.S. Let me know what you think!

    Great job on the new episodes — I’m so glad you found a way to continue!



  • Another reason to hope Aereo wins it case in the US Courts:
    So the networks go off the public airways (like they said they would) and they can stop bleeping every other word on award shows.

    Joe Gasz


  • Hey Killers… I have questions that haunt me and I needs answers.

    The premise: I have a cable account or OTA, I have a DVR or even a DVD Recorder. (for arguments sake). With that said….

    Lets say I wanna watch a show either on an OTA or Cable. The logical side of my brain says I have a right to do the following:

    – Watch the show, live when shown
    – Watch the show on its numerous re-runs (if available)
    – Record the show via any device including a DVD recorder or DVR.
    – Keep this recording as long as I want.
    – Watch this recorded show as many times as I want.
    – Copy this recording to any device I choose.

    I have almost unlimited rights once the content is available on my T.V. (whether I watch it, tape it, DVR it or not). I paid for the right to watch it. Didn’t I?

    Is the fact I didn’t watch it when it was shown or forgot to record it negate my rights to it?

    With all these rights, how are these rights taken away if I watch this show online, on any site legal or not. I paid for the right to not only watch these shows but also record them and store them for future use. The fact that I didn’t watch it when it was shown or DVR it when it was on, didn’t I still pay for the right to watch it?

    Ever since Frame Rate this question has haunted me.

    No one can watch and record the 200+ channels available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

    Am I not entitled to watch every show on T.V? Doesn’t my cable subscription pay for this? I am pretty sure I am being charged for 200+ channels, I should have the right to watch every one of them, is how I watch them the issue, if so why?


    Sorry so long, condense for the show.

    A CordKiller Fan,




2 Responses to “Cordkillers: Ep. 4 – You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, Brian.”

  1. I’ve noticed that ABC-TV is punishing cordcutters by putting a 8-10 day delay on having their programs online at sites like Hulu. I don’t mind for dramas and such but it makes no sense for shows like their nightly news – who wants 10 day old news? Ditto for This Week and other shows of a similar nature. It would seem that they are cutting off their nose to spite their face as it simply removes them from being watched as one moves to other sources of news like the NBC news podcasts which have the advantage of being downloadable and take less bandwidth to receive and have no ads(My ISP has a data cap – ditto for other local ISPs).. Any insight as to why ABC would do such a thing to their news programs? They don’t seem likely targets for piracy. I can’t imagine anyone buying TV service just for news- there are so many other options online.. LOL.

  2. To ZAZ… There is an app for PBS on Kindle HDX7 that plays full episodes of select content like Sherlock the day after. And ABC has put a long delay on their shows at Hulu…the ABC app on Kindle is worse. BeyondPod is good for getting shows with a podcast like NBC news, etc on Kindle.