Cordkillers Ep. 36 – Rise of the Chaos Monkeys

We may actually have Internet-delivered TV by mid-2015 but we get a little more excited by Netflix’s chaos monkeys.

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CordKillers: Ep. 36 – Rise of the Chaos Monkeys
Recorded: September 15, 2014
Andrew Zarian

Intro Video

Primary Target

Signal Intelligence

Gear Up

  • SlingTV review: Convenient TV place-shifting, with an underwhelming new interface
  • -$150 M1 WiFi
    -SlingTV ($300) replaces Slingbox 500
    – Retooled UI coming to 500 as well
    – Gallery feature, which is an overlay on your actual TV, showing you what’s on in a more visual manner
    – Browse current sports scores—and see them ranked by recommended viewer interest via sports website Thuuz
    – Rotten Tomatoes scores and icons in the movie listings

Front Lines

Under surveillance 

Dispatches from the Front

First of all wanted to say that I LOVE THE SHOW and that i finally started watching Breaking Bad, I’m on season 3 and even though i heard almost all the spoiler zone episodes related to the show i dont feel it has ruined my experience.
I also wanted to share with you the fact that i got 416th place in the Summer Movie Draft and I’m really proud of that cause last year I was in the 500 range. Pertaining to the draft is there any way to find the results of previous drafts I kind of want to see my progress through the past years.
Keep up the great work.

Alejandro  Guadalajara Mexico.


Now that Bezos owns the Washington Post, how long until a live anchored, online WashPo news service appears on TWITCH to compete with the cable news networks?

Also, the Tivo Roamio may be cheap hardware, but they still want $15 a month for the guide. That’s $230 for the first year, $180 thereafter. For that money I’d buy the ChannelMaster OTA DVR and pay no monthly fee.



One of your bosses here who just upped his pledge. Just wondering if you guys would put a Donate section on the website so people could donate via PayPal or Bitcoin. I like Patreon and all but sometimes I just feel a need to donate money to stuff that I like. And Cordkillers definitely falls into that category. I see Daily Tech News Show now has a donations page and I plan to use it. Just want Cordkillers to jump on board too.

Cheers guys. Love the show.



Another summer has come and gone. And while fewer and fewer of us are enjoying these warm months (or cold if you live in the southern hemisphere) at the movies, I walk away from this season with a question. How in the hell did a flying turd on a stick like “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” end up being the number one movie in the draft? Sure you can explain the math to me all day long, but there is no reason that Michael Bay’s passively racist abomination should be the draft leader. Not only should a just and loving God have denied such an occurrence, but the way the movie draft is set up needs to be drastically changed.

Made $137,224,768 more than the winning host team,