Cordkillers 217 – Accidental Skinny Bundle

A Netflix theater?! Also: AT&T streaming TV, Spiderman in London, and the final Deadpool 2 trailer. All this and more on Cordkillers! 

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CordKillers: Ep. 217 – Accidental Skinny Bundle
Recorded: April 23 2018
Guest: None

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  • AT&T CEO reveals a $15 streaming TV package is coming soon
    – During testimony in defense of the proposed acquisition of TimeWarner, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson mentioned an online TV service launching in the next few weeks. AT&T Watch will cost $15 a month to stream or be free for AT&T Wireless subscribers. No word on what channels would be included but it would contain no sports.

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Brian & Tom,

Perhaps this is a loophole, but when I use my moviepass at my local AMC theater I’m able to do the following.

Once I’m close to the theater, I choose the movie I want to see in the moviepass app and check in. It tells me that the card is ready to be swiped at the theater. At the kiosk, I select ALL of the tickets and the seats that I need. When its time to pay, I swipe the moviepass card first, then the machine tells me that I had insufficient funds and I’m able to pay the balance with another credit card. This helps in a few ways: I’m able to choose seats together with others easily even with moviepass. I was at a matinee and the ticket price was $6.95 but moviepass added $12 to my card so I was able to put the rest of that money towards the other tickets. I can choose a non-3D movie from the moviepass app but once i arrive at the theater, I can purchase a 3D ticket for another movie even tho moviepass only covers most of the cost of the ticket. The balance of that ticket is paid with my credit card along with the other tickets.

Maybe this only works with the kiosks at my local AMC and wouldn’t work with other types of kiosks but it makes me love my moviepass even more.

Love the show.





Hello Tom, Brian and everyone else

Before I begin, I would like to apologize in advance for sounding like a total know it all nerd but I feel I must say something.
The Netflicks Lost in space is the fifth incarnation in film/tv media format. When Irwin Allen developed the original pilot, their was no Robot and Dr. Smith. A comic book company by the name of Golden Keys were publishing a series called “Space Family Robinson” for a few year before the pilot. The comic was so similar to the show that Golden Key contacted CBS about the issue. Long story short Golden Key and CBS came to an agreement in which Dr. Smith and the Robot were added to the show to differentiate (is that the right word?) itself from the comic.
Second incarnation is the tv show you already know as well as the third incarnation of the movie.
The forth incarnation of the franchise is an unair TV pilot called “The Robinsons: Lost in Space” in 2004. That Pilot was directed by John Woo. Yes, the action director od Face Off, Broken Arrow and and many Hong Kong action flick. At first it sounded cool for John Woo to direct until I learn that he is not into scifi that much. As you guess there is a reason why it never aired. You can find this pilot on the net if you know where to look. Also as a side note some of the sets were later reuse on the Battle Galactica reboot.
Then lastly the Netflicks Version.

Sorry for the long note and sounding like a know it all.

Keep up the Good work!




Hey guys
Brian has mentioned the ease of starting/stopping video services through Amazon. It’s certainly easy but I hit a stumbling block.

I signed up for Starz through Amazon and found (after speaking to Starz customer service) that I can only watch through the Prime Video app. Can’t watch through the Starz app on AppleTV, Roku, LG or Sony TV OS, not even through the Starz web site. Yeah I can access the content through the Prime apps but I prefer the Apple TV and the WebOS apps. I was also told that purchasing through AppleTV will give me the same limitations.
So, cancelled the subscription from Amazon and subscribed directly from Starz so I can watch “on any damn device I want.” (Seems I heard that somewhere)

Now I’m wondering if the same situation comes up if I subscribe to HBO, Acorn, Showtime etc. through a third party.

Great show!



HI Killers..Thanks for the heads up regarding High Maintenance that Sarah mentioned! If not already brought up, please mention HBO Go also has the Web Series of High Maintenance listed separately when you search on HBO. They are 1/2 as long and at least as good if not better. Also each episode has a neat 1 minute directors comment with Katji and Ben,. Way worth a watch! Cord killers is the Best! Will become a Patron when income allows.





Hi Brian and Tom,

I can’t believe I’m actually writing this but “in-defense-of-cricket”…

There is a modern form of the game, absolutely hated by the purists, called “Twenty20 Cricket”. It plays fast, loud and has streamlined rules anyone can pick up.

The link below is to a short CPL (Caribbean Premier League) sizzle reel titled: “Party, Cricket and More Party”. In short, this is not your colonialist overlord’s game *grin*




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