Cordkillers 196 – You Might Be Part of the 7% (w/ Kristi Kates)

A streaming service for the sports apathetic, why people watch Netflix in the bathrooms, and Twitter tries to win the 24 hour news game. With special guest Kristi Kates.

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CordKillers: Ep. 196 – You Might Be Part of the 7%
Recorded: November 20 2017
Guest: Kristi Kates

Intro Video

Primary Target

  • Philo non-sports Pay TV service
    – Philo launched this week
    – Streaming service from A&E, Scripps, Discovery, AMC and Viacom
    – Base for $16 a month, Extras for $20 a month
    – Web, Roku, iOS

How to Watch

  • People watch Netflix at work and in public bathrooms 
    – Netflix commissioned survey
    – 37,000 adults between late August and early September
    – 67% of people watch TV and movie in public
    – planes, buses, commuting most popular
    – 26% said binged shows at work.
    – 7% worldwide admitted watching TV and movies in public restrooms
    – Mobile makes up 10% of its viewing though half of users stream from phone during a month

What to Watch

What We’re Watching

Front Lines


Dispatches from the Front


I would like to points out that when you use MoviePass to artifically inflate points that it’s the movie theater that loses out because you are getting stuff for free



Tom and Brian,

Just finished listening to Episode 195 in which you read an email from Joshua where he says he buys tickets using his Moviepass everyday just to rack up loyalty points. A quick look at the Moviepass terms of service shows that is in fact against the TOS.

One of the items that they list as a reason to terminate your account is:

(ix) On more than one occasion during any thirty (30) day period you do not view the movie for which you purchased a ticket with your MoviePass Card in its entirety.

I’m sure you’ve gotten several emails on the same subject, but I just thought it was worth a mention. Moviepass seems like a great deal and I am getting ready to sign up, and I would hate for everyone to lose it because some folks aren’t playing by the rules.





So I have to reverse my opinion that I tweeted to Tom and Brian earlier about MoviePass. It was a great company when it was $40 a month. The price cut and expansion with $10 a month has thrown all levels of customer service they used to have in the trash.

As someone who works in customer service I’m a little less lenient in this area than some (I broke relations with a game developer from poor service regarding $15.) but my partner and I have two different problems and they won’t respond to either of us. I have my card and no way to activate it and my partner has an activated card but no physical card. We have tried Facebook, Twitter, instagram in addition to the in-app chat support and email and no response from the company at all. It’s been a rather disappointing experience since the business model changed for MoviePass.




Hello Valued Employees (and guest),

So I’m wondering what you think about the idea that Netflix is ahead of the game in international distribution, with the key being their Netflix Originals brand.

With shows such as Peaky Blinders, The Expanse and ST Discovery all being branded “Netflix Originals” outside of their home territories, it seems like Netflix is playing the long game worldwide to increase their prominence and their mindshare with audiences, while the other big media companies still haven’t risen their eyes above the horizon and are just obsessively squabbling over the US domestic market.

TL;DR Netflix is focusing on the rest of the world, discuss!

Thanks for a great show – keep up the good work and maybe you’ll get those xmas bonuses!





Hey there, just a small note on CW shows on Netflix. Tom had said that the previous season is available the day the new season starts. However, they show up 8 days after the season ends:

Netflix and the CW Confirm New Licensing Deal for All Scripted Series

Sorry if 400 people pointed this out! 😀




2017 Winter Movie Draft