Cordkillers 192 – Unsyncable Molly Brown (w/ Jason Murphy)

Nielsen rates Netflix shows whether Netflix ants it or not, Verizon keeps delaying its TV service. and TiVo has a new 4K box!
With special guest Jason Murphy.

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CordKillers: Ep. 192 – Unsyncable Molly Brown
Recorded: October 23 2017
Guest: Jason Murphy

Intro Video

Primary Target

  • Nielsen will now measure TV audiences on Netflix
    – Nielsen Subscription Video on Demand
    – Ratings, reaches, frequency and segmentation reporting for Netflix (and eventually Hulu, Amazon and others)
    – Testers to include NBCUniversal, Disney-ABC, A+E Networks, Lionsgate, Warner Bros. Television, and three (unnamed) others.
    – Will not cover mobile
    – Different than 2014 opt-in reporting service that only gave raw number estimates

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Front Lines

  • TiVo’s upcoming DVR, the TiVo BOLT VOX, will include voice support
    – Dave Zatz at Zatz Not Funny spotted a product listing on Amazon for a new TiVo BOLT called the BOLT VOX with support for 4K Ultra HD. It’s listed as having 500 GB storage and support for OTA and cable. It also has voice control in the remote.
  • YouTube Red greenlights a Tinder-themed romantic comedy series called Swipe Right
    – YouTube Red greenlit a comedy series about Tinder called Swipe Right, starring Carly Craig from Role Models. Carly plays a single 35-year-old who decides to date all her 252 Tinder matches.
  • Topshop’s ‘Stranger Things’ collection is a fitting tribute to Barb
    – Netflix has partnered with UK’s Topshop and US Target on Stranger Things merchandise including T-shirts and figurines. Netflix also said it will take on $1.6 billion in debt to help it pay for new productions in 2018.
  • Netflix, Amazon, movie studios sue over TickBox streaming device
    – Netflix and Amazon have joined several movie studios in suing TickBox, one of those many Android-based boxes that promises to deliver free TV. While TickBox explicitly says it does not condone piracy and that its box is not to be used for such purposes it also says you can “access movies and shows that are still on Demand and episodes of TV that were just aired. You will never pay to watch any of them.”
  • Snapchat to make original TV-style shows
    – Snap Inc. and NBCUniversal are partnering on a new digital content studio to make original scripted video in the three-five minute long format. The first original show will be produced with US film and TV producers Mark and Jay Duplass and and their new Donut creative studio
  • Chelsea Handler’s Netflix talk show will end after two seasons
    – Chelsea Handler’s Netflix talk show will come to an end after season two. Handler will release a documentary on Netflix where she engages with “people of different ethnicities, religions and political philosophies. She also plans become more engaged in the US political process.

Dispatches from the Front
Hi –

I loved the discussion about Movies Anywhere in Episode 191. I was so excited, I signed up at my first available opportunity. Connecting all the services went VERY smoothly on my cell phone EXCEPT for iTunes (I’m an Android), but I even got that connected once I got to a desktop. Libraries on the various services either updated immediately or with a refresh.

According to this article in The Verge, 4K upgrades are apparently limited to Apple titles:

Example: I own Glory in HD on Vudu (Disc upgrade). It is available on all of the other services, but there is a 4K version on Amazon. I do not have access to that one, even after registering with Movies Anywhere.

I hope other studios get on board with the 4K upgrades. It also irks me that the 4K versions of some movies are only available on one service (two I know about: Star Trek Beyond is only 4K on Vudu, Glory is only 4K on Amazon). This obstacle will slow the adoption of 4K – convenience trumps fidelity!

Your Boss 🙂
– Chris


On the most recent episode (10/16) you mentioned that MoviesAnywhere links to partners to purchase content. Total bummer (but not surprising) that it does not do price comparison. I use the JustWatch app on my phone to do comparison shopping. It does a good job of aggregating rental and purchase pricing.




Not sure if you’ve mentioned this website before or not, but is an extremely useful website showing all the places you can watch a movie, to buy, rent or get tickets to. Includes all kinds of services and on demands from cable.

(Found while looking up a movie called Dealt about a Richard Turner, a blind magician. Brian would probably be interested)

Keep up the great work you guys!

– Justin



Hey Tom and Brian have you heard about Sinemia? I just recently discovered it when I was considering signing up for MoviePass. They have plans starting off at $10 a month. It’s not unlimited movies like MoviePass, yet you are able to see 2D 3D and IMAX movies. And from what I can tell you’re able to reserve your seat ahead of time unlike MoviePass which requires you to be near the theater.
Keep up the good work guys

Your boss
– Pete



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