Cordkillers 180 – Cautiably Anarchistic

Our thoughts on the hot trailers from Comic-Con, how we fell about Internet cable replacements, and broadcasting baseball in VR. With special guest Nicole Lee.

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CordKillers: Ep. 180 – Cautiably Anarchistic
Recorded: July 24 2017
Guest: Nicole Lee

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I was about to sign up for my free hbo pass to start game of thrones season 7, but google Play notified me I could purchase a season pass early. I assume the other stores (apple/amazon) also have it posted … I haven’t seen any news if HBO plans to post episode by episode this year to the stores week in week out.

Even if it was delayed 7 days … better than last season when it was delayed a fully ear to the stores. Have either of you heard what HBO’s plans are for episode releases?




Tom, Brian, and Hammond,

I have four daughters and I still help with car insurance, health insurance, and Netflix. It is no longer the days of getting a job and your parent dropping you off to sink or swim. So they run off my Netflix I actually had one daughter say she’d rather lose health insurance than Netflix, oh to be young. Love the the show although I can’t quite the cord cut yet. If Netflix gets pissy, well, we’ll see.


Adult Swim has stopped livestreaming Space Ghost Coast To Coast episodes (unfortunately), but it’s replaced it with a full-on stream of Rick & Morty! And even better, it streams the episodes in order! Check it out here:





Hey guys,

On the latest Cordkillers Susanna wrote in about a cord cutting question for her mother. She mentioned keeping her internet connection and land line.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard you guys go into detail about cutting the phone cord so I wanted to mention a land line alternative.

I got rid of my land line years ago and signed up for a free Google Voice number that I forwarded to my mobile phone. That way I had a home phone number I could give out to people and keep my mobile number a little more private.

My youngest son is now at the age where we are able to leave him home alone but he doesn’t have a mobile phone. I bought an Obi200 voip adapter for $50 and a good old fashioned corded phone. I can connect it to the Google voice service and now I have an absolutely free phone connection at home.

It doesn’t include 911 services but that can be added for a small monthly fee.



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