Come say hi at Comic-Con!

So I started planning to go to San Diego Comic-Con when TWiT decided not to cover it live. I thought, “Hey, I’ll just go and cover a few panels, walk the floor, have a good time. easy.” Then Geek and Sundry decided to add Sword and Laser to its lineup, which rocks, and I thought, well there’ll be some G&S stuff to do for sure, so that’s good. Then I decided to schedule a TWiT special on bandwidth caps, because that is an issue that need some explaining. And so why not schedule it during Comic-Con. Amiright?

So all of that is a long way of saying, I have a crazy schedule at Comic-Con this year, and here it is.

THURSDAY July 12 (all times Pacific)

10 AM – Tech News Today live from the San Francisco airport. Any tips on where to get good bandwidth? Turns out Virgin America doesn’t open their lounge until 12:30. /me shakes fist.
3 PM Sword and Laser meet and greet at Belo, 919 4th Avenue, San Diego.
9 PM Geek and Sundry Disco Dance Party, also at Belo. (more details on all Geek and Sundry events)

FRIDAY July 13 (all Times, spooooky , also, still Pacific)

9 AM Bandwidth caps special with Dane Jasper (, Benoit Felten (Analyst), Reid Fishler (HE backbone provider), Chris Mitchell ( – Skyping from San Diego, live on TWiT.
10 AM – Tech News Today – Me live from San Diego in my hotel room, other hosts in Petaluma.
1 PM Sword and Laser Q&A at the YouTube stage. 325 7th Avenue, San Diego. Come ask us things!
2 PM Beer. Anywhere.

So if you’re going to be in San Diego fro Comic-Con, come on out and say hi!!

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