2 Responses to “CNET Top 5: 1980s computers”

  1. Tom,
    Your 1980’s Computer video was so much fun! I also started out with the TI-99/4A, then on to the Commodore 64 and then the original 1984 Macintosh.

    My choice for the most sold computer back then is the Vic-20.

    Thanks again for the memories!

    Paul Turner

  2. Hi,
    I liked the 80’s computer bit, but was curious when you said the Apple ][e was the last of the line. What about the Apple ][gs which I’m almost certain was the last of the ][ line, and was supported in to the early 90’s. I got mine in 1986 when it first launched. I believe it would have been more powerful and expandable than the other machines you mentioned. I ran my BBS on it called Haz-Mat that I still sorta run now on a Winodws host at telnet://bbs.haz-matiii.com mostly still alive for the Fidonet feeds and games.

    Still with that said I liked the segment.