CNET Geek Pop: Zombie Strippers? Yup.

Sure there’s a great Kung-Fu movie out and some great news about Lost, but Zombie Strippers? Steals the show.

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One Response to “CNET Geek Pop: Zombie Strippers? Yup.”

  1. I’m going to have to the ‘that geek’ and remind your producer that in between the Xmas Dr Who special (with Botox Kylie) and the Pompei episode (4×02) which was shown onscreen, there was actually the season premiere, 4×01 – Partners in Crime where they re-introduce the newest annoying sidekick (who was first introduced in last year’s Xmas special.)
    Its hard to forget this season premiere where we are introduced to the Adipose, little white aliens who look like the Pillsbury doll on steroids (they even coo and giggle) and which are made from human body fat that is expelled thanks to a new weight loss pill.
    I’m not making this up.

    Its right up there with Zombie strippers with Freddy Krueger!!