CNET Buzz Out Loud: Interview with Federal CTO Aneesh Chopra

One Response to “CNET Buzz Out Loud: Interview with Federal CTO Aneesh Chopra”

  1. Tom, what a great episode. If only he could’ve stayed longer! The questions y’all picked were fantastic and very encompassing, and his answers were quite insightful (breath of fresh air if you know what I mean, lol).

    When Natali read my question as one giant block, I realized that I suppose I should’ve kept it a bit more simple, lol. Clearly I am no journalist! So I *think* that’s why he didn’t really answer my questionS (or perhaps the specifics aren’t ironed out yet- I should find out how to email him and maybe then I can get a more complete answer). Either way he really seems like a nice down-to-Earth kinda guy!

    So was it any different than any other interview for you? That’s gotta carry at least a little clout for the CBS big-wigs, right? lol.

    Anyway excellent job; it was *thoroughly* enjoyable.
    And one last thing, I posted the CNET video on my blog (I run a medical informatics news blog of sorts lol). Um, that’s ok, right? I referenced CNet a bunch of times with links as well. 🙂

    Anyway, rock on, my friend! Job well done.