Just finished my 2nd Novel: United Moon Colonies

I just uploaded the final draft of my second novel, United Moon Colonies. Much better shape than the draft version was.

Here’s the blurb: Richard Chong just led the United Moon Colonies to victory over the Fundamentalist Union, or Fundys, saving Earth from a totalitarian madman. Now as the Moon finally gains respect on it’s parent planet, a new madman wants to kill Chong. But it’s not all about the President. They have an even more insidious plot to rule both worlds and bring the Fundys back for good.

Buy print copy at Lulu. or get free PDF on Archive.org.

Tent Town continues

Len Peralta posted two more pages of the graphic novel Tent Town that I’ve been helping him write. The awesome illustrations are all Len’s. Let me know what you think of the story so far.

Tent Town: A new graphic novel project

Eric sits alone overlooking Tent TownI have always wanted to work on a graphic novel but I can’t even draw stick figures. Think how XKCD makes me feel. But at Dragon*Con in Atlanta this summer, my friend Len Peralta of Monster by Mail and Jawbone Radio fame, kindly offered to let me help him out on a graphic novel concept.

The title is Tent Town. You can get more info on it at Len’s blog post. Suffice to say we’re just teasing you with the cover art and hope to be releasing more soon, a few pages at a time