S&L Podcast – #136 – Nerdtacular 2013!

We record an episode live in front of an audience of awesome folks from at Nerdtacular 2013.  Since we’re still just getting into Ringworld, we save more substantive discussion of that for later this month and talk about what else we’re reading.  get ready to enlarge your reading lists because we had some amazing suggestions from the audience! 


Help Seattle to name a park after Octavia Butler
You Can Explore Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley on Street View Now

Iain M. Banks Gets Asteroid Named After Him


BOOK CHECK-IN – What else we’re reading!


Love Minus Eighty by Will McIntosh
Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
Necessary Evil by Ian Tregillis


Great North Road by Peter F. Hamilton
Abaddon’s Gate by James S. A. Corey


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S&L Podcast – #135 – Wrap-up Among Others, Kick-off Ringworld

Tom blows Veronica’s mind, she implies dirty things, I imply them back and we all look forward to Ringworld.  It’s like going to camp.


Tom: Murphy’s Irish Stout

Veronica: Hendry Ranch Pinot Gris


Science Fiction and Fantasy Author Richard Matheson Dead At 87

2013 Science Fiction Hall of Fame Inductees

WINNERS: 2013 Locus Awards

Your First Look at the Epic Fantasy Novel Everybody’s Raving About

Neil Gaiman’s ‘Sandman’ prequel launching October 30th, first image and plot details emerge

Online Voting is Open for The 2013 Hugo Award and John W. Campbell Award

Why Big Publishers Think Genre Fiction Like Sci-Fi Is the Future of E-Books

Pop Culture References You Probably Didn’t Know Were Created by Science Fiction Writers



William Shakespeare’s Star Wars: exclusive excerpt

OUTLANDER TV series greenlit


Kick-off Ringworld by Larry Niven

Ringworld Wikipedia article

Larry Niven Wikipedia Article

Official Larry Niven site

The Guide to Larry Niven’s Ringworld

Interactive guide to Ringworld (includes a kind of Google Maps for the Ring)

Don’t forget : ‘Ringworld’ miniseries in the works at Syfy

Alternate Pick – Redshirts by John Scalzi


Wrap-up Among Others by Jo Walton

Anyone else get this through Interlibrary loan? – Erik

Who Died? – Paulo

Magic In the book – Nathan

The books! All those books! – Rob

Novels mentioned in Among Others


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July Book Pick: Because you are so awesome

Wow. That was a more exciting election since Iran’s last week. We even got insinuations of voter fraud! We’ve made it!

So right down to the wire Larry Niven’s Ringworld just barely edged out John Scalzi’s Redshirts.

Neither is a perfect choice for everyone. We’ve done Mr. Scalzi’s books as a main pick recently and as an alternate book previously so he’s had lots of coverage. on the other hand there does not seem to be a legit ebook of Ringwolrd (there are print copies and audio copies) which is a deal killer for some.

So here’s what the electoral commission has decided. Ringworld got the most votes. It’s our pick for July. But for the first time since before we went to a strict monthly schedule, we will have an OFFICIAL alternate pick. The votes were just too damn close.

So get out there and read whichever one you like. I’ll be diving into both and I know Veronica already has read Redshirts.

And remember no book pick is ever going to please everyone in this club. It’s not meant to. It’s meant to expose you to books you might not pick up otherwise. And if you’re grumbling about not having an ebook, remember the people who often grumble that the book is not in the library and they don’t have ereaders. We’re all in this together.

Now go enjoy some reading!

*In absence of Veronica who is on vacation electroal commission consisted of Tom and his two dogs.