Dragon*Con plans unveiled – The S&L Podcast #040

So we announce the details on our LIVE Sword and Laser recording (yes live recording, I know) on Sunday September 5 at 4 PM, as well as our Sword and Laser meetup! (details below). We also bring news of time travel, murderous novel characters, and HUGE novels worth the tackling.

Unwritten 2: pulse-pounding graphic novel shows the grim and selfish ways that people use stories   
China Miéville explains theology, magic, and why JJ Abrams hates you   
Interview with zombie books author Max Brooks   
Escaping the time machine in Charles Yu’s “How To Live Safely In A Science Fictional Universe”   
Heinlein memoir: LEARNING CURVE – the secret history of science fiction   
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Tom recommends The Dark Tower by Stephen King    

BARE YOUR SWORD – feedback from the audience    
2005 Movie script for TMHM   
What Else Are You Reading? August 2010 Edition   
Mighty Tomes You Plan to Read… eventually   

Greetings Veronica and Tom,
Imagine my surprise during the most recent episode’s discussion of great television and literary crossovers when you failed to mention what has to be the single greatest crossover event in literary history:
Planet X by Michael Jan Friedman, featuring the crew of Jean-Luc Picard’s USS Enterprise and Professor Xavier’s mighty mutants, the X-Men.
A case of fan fiction gone legit?
Thanks for the show. I enjoy it a great deal.


Sword and Laser will record in front of a live studio audience at 4 PM Sunday, September 5 at the International North – Hyatt.   Joining us will be special guest David Gerrold. The entire Dragon*Con podcasting track can be found here.
We’ll also be tagging along for the TWiT meetup at 6 PM at the Sun Dial Restaurant and Bar Saturday September 4.  T-shirts and pens galore! 

RSVP on the Goodreads event page!
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East Meets West 219 – Why sandwiches suck

Tom and Roger discuss why sandwich shops are always bad, whether the Scott Pilgrim movie is good, and what’s with Internet ads these days.

Get the episode at this link: http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/www.archive.org/download/EastMeetsWest219WhySandwichesSuck/eastmeetswest219.mp3

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Tech News Today 52: Not In The Eyes!

New Sony PlayStation phone, Google’s new Android voice recognition, and the danger of green lasers.

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