Cordkillers 183 – Hi-Ho SeeSo (w/ Andy Beach)

Is Disney now at war with Netflix? Is Facebook video relevant? What happened with SeeSo? With special guest Andy Beach.

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CordKillers: Ep. 183 – Hi-Ho SeeSo
Recorded: August 14 2017
Guest: Andy Beach

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  • Facebook launches Watch tab of original video shows
    – Facebook is rolling out a new version of its video section, renamed Watch, to select users in the US. Some videos are episodic and broken down into categories like “Most Talked About” or “What’s Making People Laugh”. Users can subscribe to updates from favorite shows, chat with other viewers while watching, and connect with creators through Groups. Facebook has funded some of the shows, but anyone can create one and get 55% of the revenue generated. Shows come from places like Tastemade, Major League Baseball, Mike Rowe, Billboard Magazine, National Geographic and more.
  • Seeso shutting down
    – NBC will shut down its Seeso comedy streaming service later this year. The service launched in January 2016, but laid off staff in June. Seeso originals “HarmonQuest,” “My Brother, My Brother and Me,” “Hidden America With Jonah Ray,” and “The Cyanide and Happiness Show” will move to the VRV streaming service.

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What do you think will happen with Star Trek Discovery if the first episode is a huge hit on CBS television, but the subsequent streaming only episodes are a bomb? Does it move to CBS television? Will they let if fail as a streaming only show? If they move it to television, what will this do for future streaming only series? Will people buy in to CBS All Access if they think there is a chance that streaming only shows will eventually show up on CBS television for free?

– Ken




Morning Tom and Brian,

Last show, Mickey Neumann made a great point I wish would have moved into discussion. His comment was following the conversation of how CBS moves it’s properties around like pawns — Mickey said he didn’t feel “it respects the creator of the art”.

Particularly from Brian, who’s produced shows (and even reneged his cable cutting tacit agreement so he could watch himself on cable tv)… and no longer controls the distribution of them. I’ve heard Brian mention in passing he doesn’t know where the shows are or how to get them.. so it sounds like he’s just let go. I’d love to hear more about that end of the deal process to letting go of your art





Is there a way to request a company to start streaming some of their back catalog? HBO GO/HBO Now does not have some major pieces of their library:

The Tom Hanks produced From the Earth to the Moon mini series…
The Golden Globe winning Don King: Only in America movie…
The classic David Mamet directed magic special Ricky Jay and his 52 Assistants…
And all of the past Young Comedian Specials…

Is it because these things were all filmed and produced for 4×3 television screens that they remain mothballed and not available to stream?

Thanks for any guidance…



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