Cordkillers: Episode (Beta) 4K getting more OK

Tom and Brian kick off the very first Cordkillers with special guest Justin Robert Young. Netflix is leading the charge for 4K, Hulu has millions but is it enough, and why Atari’s famous ET game failure could help Xbox.


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Cord Killers: Beta
Recorded: December 23 2013
Guest: Justin Robert Young

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The Big Story

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Tube Tops

Film Falm

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Winter Movie Draft

  1. Justin Robert Young: $483,480,275
  2. Fr. Robert Ballecer: $392,813,988
  3. Casey McKinnon: $390,058,157
  4. Jeff Cannata: $265,369,223
  5. Tom Merritt: $182,530,164
  6. Brian Brushwood: $119,438,873

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Gentlemen, in your honor, my wife, Wendy, and I cut the cord with Verizon today. We cancelled our Cable TV, but kept our FiOS internet service, so we still have one cord, but it’s the good one. And Verizon said we’re “welcome” to keep 13 local TV channels for free. Ha, I guess we don’t get to keep the UHF channels. 🙂

Now we’re saving $70 a month. Oops, just found out that we’re only saving $65 a month, because, “dear valued customer,” it’s actually $5 more per month than they said. Oh, and we also have to pay an additional $10 to return our DVR. (I feel like I just made a deal with some guy on Canal Street.)

We will continue to feast from our AppleTV, where we watch Netflix and iTunes… and podcasts, podcasts, podcasts. So we’re ready for your next show!

Happy Holidays to you both. Thanks for all the years of information and inspiration. Excited to see what you guys will do next.

Philip & Wendy Shane
Brooklyn, NY


See what you can do when the TV network is NOT in the USA? <sigh> 180 channels, $15/month, 8-day replay period without needing a DVR (they record & store everything), inside home/outside home, looks great if you were an international sports/soccer fan.

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So, some folks are a little bugged by a death’s head being used, because it’s also used by pirates. We’ve got a few people working on a different take. Here;s a couple from mrRiffles. What do you think?





Quick question:  is it better or worse to not have the crossed coax cables 

Quick question:  is it better or worse to not have the crossed coax cables underneath?

Welcome to the revolution


Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for your freedom? Are you tired of living under the oppression of that snake-like coax cable that insists IT is the true arbiter of what you can watch and when and where you can watch it?

Kill it.

We’ll help.

So many people and things have led up to this moment. The big bang. DNA. Seafaring. Peanut butter. Philo Farnsworth. Walt Disney. Ted Turner. Vint Cerf. Tim Berners-Lee and You.

You hold the power. Previously we’ve framed this movement as something that only rated a cautious approach. Now we’re headed over the top. Join us.

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