…and unpacking…and unpacking….

Unpacking boxes is remarkable exhausting especially when there are stairs involved.  But the majority of it is done.  Now comes the asymptotic behavior of the remaining boxes. The closer you get to having all of them unpacked, the longer it takes to reach full unpacked status, which you will not ever actually reach. It’s the inverse of packing.

Brent Bye came over again this afternoon and finished setting up the lights for the new set. I think we fixed the lighting problems and maybe, just maybe, locked down the HV30 settings we needed to make it look halfway decent.  On JammerB’s advice I also ordered a Logitech C920 as a backup.  Just in case.

Of course the next episode of Tech News Today that I’ll do is from Petaluma.  I fly back north Sunday to do Sword and Laser. I’ll be there until Wednesday. Puts a crimp in the unpacking schedule mind you.

I did finally take some time to walk around in my neighborhood today. Up until today I’d only gone running with my dog Sawyer. So I’d seen some lovely houses but hadn’t walked the businesses on Venice Boulevard yet.  There’s some cool stuff doen there! Sam Johnson’s book shop is glorious. It is a book lover’s book shop and no mistake.  It’s even better than my last favorite bookshop, Chelsea Books on Irving Street in San Francisco’s Sunset District. Sadly Chelsea is no more. But it is so good to be in a neighborhood with any kind of book shop much less a fantastic one like Sam Johnson’s.

I also had an extremely tasty burger at Ed’s Gourmet Grub. Burgers are very fashionable in Los Angeles these days, it seems, so I won’t make an evaluation of how it ranks in the hipster world of meat patties but I will say this. I liked the bun.  I never like the bun. So.. There you have it. Two buns up. Or something.

I also have a music store, where I may be able to get a mic stand, though I didn’t go in. The True Value hardware store looks … like a hardware store. I will be checking that out later. And I spied an amazing dinery looking place in the bowling alley, called Pepy’s.  A little World Wide Web searching and it turns out Pepy’s is a fantastic place with excellent portuguese sausage, run by Giuseppe, or Pepy for short. Yes it’s the bowling alley’s food but it’s not bowling alley food. If you catch my drift. Or lane.  Or gutter.

In any case my walk was fruitful, allowing me to drop a letter in a mailbox and eat a tasy burger and browse amazing books. So far so good.