An Interview With Sword and Laser’s Tom Merritt

Long time resident of Buzz Town and now writer for Amazing Stories, Joshua Hill, was kind enough to ask for an interview with me. He asked some great questions, and hopefully I gave him some answers to rise to the occasion.

Read the interview here.

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  1. David Eckard

    This showed up on Feedly for me. Consider it an endorsement of it.

    Jerry Pournelle used to do Anthologies. A lot of them. I have a number in my collection. He can tell you a lot about the work it takes to get submissions, read them review them, pick which go in a book. He did it before internet so he got manuscripts. His mail man remembers delivering 27 linear inches of them in one day. That is a lot of paper to plow through.

    Get some tips from him. He’d combine his with actual science articles. Often ones that relate to the short story that followed it. Then there is the 70% of all short fiction was SF in those days cause he and others provided an outlet for the smaller stuff that didn’t exist in other genres.