9 Responses to “Alternate Tech News Today feeds”

  1. Chris ellis

    Thanks for that. Question – is there a firehose containing all of Twit’s audio content? I’m a big fan of all of it and use it to get through my very boring job at the moment and having it all in one place and one feed would really simplify matters.

    Thanks and good luck today!

  2. John Antkowiak

    When you mentioned the Space X contract to deliver supplies to the ISS and how corporations are becoming more involved and may become the driving force for space exploration I immediately thought of “The Man Who Sold The Moon” by Robert Heinlein.

  3. dennis

    Thanks for the podcast and love your new show.

    I subscribe to http://feeds.twit.tv/tnt_video_small on my nokia phone. but there is however 5 or 6 different video files for each show on the same feed. the nokia podcasting program is the only one available on the S60 phones that work properly. However, because there are so many files on the rss for each episode. it only shows the first one. so it is always the h264b_640x368_256.mp4 version which is too big to play properly. The audio works but the videos are dropping frames so it is not very smooth.

    I can see the xvid_320x240_256.mp4 files in the rss. however..can the xvid_320x240_256.mp4 files be at the top or can you please have a separate feed for each formats? the h264b_640x368_256.mp4 downloads are too big to play properly on my phone.

    once again. thanks for the content.

  4. iBookery

    On today’s show.
    Tom learns about Interior Decoration. Or how to match curtains to drapes.
    Becky’s mic goes Spelunking.
    And Sarah says: Hey. You got Chocolate on my iPad.

    What a cracking funny show today.
    Must have been Kinect Fever.

  5. same problem as dennis, i use gpodder to auto download podcasts and it will just fetch the first file.
    seems to be a general twit problem with poor handling of video feeds.