2013/12/23 – A sample Daily Tech News Show

A sample of the kind of news I’ll be covering on my Daily Tech News Show coming in January.  Obviously the real thing will be longer.

Big thanks to Dan Lueders for the music!



3 Responses to “2013/12/23 – A sample Daily Tech News Show”

  1. Hi Tom,

    just an opinion and im sure you had lots, but i prefer the more informal style you used on TNT. Newsreaders who read a script are common – people who know their subject and convey enthusiasm and interest are rare… anyway good luck!

  2. Loved the beta show.

    I watched TNT this AM, and was disappointed. Lack of prep and a plan or format left me wanting.

    Then I watched this beta and decided I just like my news headlines by Merritt. I look forward to the new program and pledge my viewership.

  3. Lazarus0000


    Enthusiastic about your start! Worried that the 2nd show failed @ about the 3 minute mark but technical glitches are to be expected when you’re just getting off ground, so no worries there, I suspect.

    I too have heard the revamped TNT show and, “meh…” – it’s OK but it’s not Tom & Co…

    I do have one suggestion, though I’ve no idea how realistic it is. As another commenter related, there is certain something gained in the repartee between hosts. And while guests are great, I think you should consider a full time co-host.

    In your earlier hosting gigs with BOL & TNT, you carried the show. Sara & Iyaz were always awesome filling in for you but it is your presence / personality that made the shows what they were. But having Sara / Iyaz / Molly / whoever there, providing back & forth, served to accentuate what you brought to the table.

    Whatever you decide to do, I wish you best of luck! I too, pledge my listening time to you! I’ve always been impressed with your talents and know that what will come will certainly be worth my time listening to!