FSL Tonight Week 4 – Fraud or Fine

OldFSLLogoIs the devastating loss to Cheyenne proof that the frauds of Coruscant are ready to implode? Or is a one-point loss to a good team by a previously-undefeated Coruscant just a bump in the road to the championship?



Hello Everybody:

Once again it’s Mitzula here, the Milky Way Galaxy’s Ambassador for Shecky Greene’s Intergalactic Sportsbook & Cantina. Our sincerest apologies for not having Week 1 lines for Season 6, with the Intergalactic Gaming Commission allowing us to book the Olympic Games in every Galaxy this year we’ve been a little overwhelmed. With out any more delay, here are your FSL Week 2 Lines.

Bet Early & Bet Often!

Week 2 Lines

Starkiller Troopers Logo Leaked!

First order trooper face with text "Starkiller Troopers"Intrepid reporter Phil Meadows has uncovered this leaked capture of the official logo for the newly-elevated Starkiller Troopers! Not only the logo was leaked we also have a draft submission of the opening day lineup of the team as well. Take a look!

BM: Kylo Ren
Captain: Phasma
O:General Brendol Hux
D: Lieutenant Dopheld Mitaka
U: FN-2187

Playoffs 1st Round Lines

The playoffs are upon us. This year Shecky has decided to offer some additional propositional bets to make the games even more interesting this week. Without any delay here are your Playoff Lines.

As always, Bet Early and Bet Often!

playoff lines