FSL Tonight 2013 Week 0: Season preview

Ladies and gentlemen It. Is. Here! The 2013 FSL season kicks off in less than one standard Terran week and we could not be more excited.

Justin robert Young and myself Tom Merritt will break down all the teams including the hot new elevated squads, the New York Avengers, Gallifrey Time Lords and the San Francisco Federation.

Grab your gear, get suited up and get ready for the FSL baby!

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2013 Season kicks off in two days

Two days from now the 2013 FSL Tonight season gets underway with a preview episode. Two weeks form now the first games are played.

Dragon SportsTalk Radio will be there thanks to the generous support of our KickStarter backers. Give ‘em a round of applause.

Meanwhile, it’s a few days late getting posted, but Sheky dropped off the latest lines with Mitzula last week. Enjoy!

May 24 FSL Latest Line

Federation hear from hometown Dick

Dick Schaefer at Dragon Sports Talk 970 KDSF lays into his hometown team, predicting fewer than 4 wins for the Feds. Schaefer can’t remember where SF plays (It’s Presidio Park, aka “The Headquarters”) but he’s tired of hearing his hometown fans being hopeful about the Federation’s chances in it’s first season after elevation to the FSL.

Listen in.

Latest Line: Week 1 FSL Odds

FSLLineMitzula of Sportsbook Today just sent along the latest line sheet that got dropped off at the offices today. Looks like folks are softening up on Vulcan and Lannisport but really starting to move money towards Gallifrey. We’ve also got the first look so far this season at opening week matchups.

Latest Line: 2013 FSL Odds

Mitzula forwarded us this latest book sheet for the 2013 season dropped off by “Mr. Green”.


Mitzula says bookies seem unsure of the Time Lords and their eligibility but the public is “really hammering them” with a large influx of credits.

2013 Season Coverage is GO!

First of all, gigantic Ent-sized thanks from Just and me for believing in FSL Tonight. We are consistently amazed with how generous you all are with not only money for this kickstarter but with time making logos and posting feedback and general support.

You are the best fans in the world

Whatever Inning Stretch — Goal

So now that we passed $5,000 it’s time to get stretchy. And frankly, it almost seems greedy. We made the goal, we’re going to cover the season. It’s going to be awesome.

However, if by some incredible stroke of fate, we were to DOUBLE OUR MONEY, that is to get $10,000, we will do the following stretch goal. Justin and I will pull out, from the Dragon SportsTalk Radio archives, ten classic episodes to go in the feed during the offseason.

The Underworld Morlocks vs. Richmond Travellers? Who could forget. The Paris Balloons and the Pern Dragonriders? Just might be in that archive. Or what about that Barsoom squad and their domination of a decade? It all just might be in the archive, or it might be better. And don’t forget you’ll get a chance to her the commentary of venerable Dragon Sports Talk Radio play-by-play man Brian Brushwood in his youngest days.

So there you have it folks. And again, we’re only doing a stretch goal because that’s just how it’s done on Kickstarter. We are over the moon with how awesome you all have been just to help us meet the main goal.

Here’s to a great 2013 season!