What I learned about LA on day 1

Yesterday was my first full day living in Los Angeles. I spent most of it waiting in a cold house for Verizon to show up. But it was worth it. Here’s what I learned.

1. People do walk in LA. Maybe not a lot. Maybe not everywhere, but at least near Santa Monica Blvd. west of the 405 nobody looked at me odd when I walked from our temporary house to the UPS store to check Sword and Laser’s new mailbox. And no, the people walking weren’t homeless. They were normal people of all kinds, Latinos, Asians, African-Americans and whiteys like me. One guy even said hello and remark don how stinky the roofers nearby were.

2. Verizon FiOS can be f@)$!! fast. Also Ron my installer was excellent. He was competent and knowledgable and knew enough to skip the things he could tell I knew (like ‘setting up email’) and tell me the things he thought I didn’t know ( like a bit about how their box works). 300 Mbps down and 65 up with .7 ping ain’t bad either. Pricey but not bad.

3. Brent Bye can hang a light. He’s helped a ton at the TWiT brick house in Petaluma. My little setup was child’s play for him and his buddy. They clamped up a kino and a couple back lights without drilling into my landlords ceiling beams. I also hooked up the HV30 Mac Mini and got the bare minimum hardware I need for streaming p and running. Might need a better camera, but we’ll see.

4. Mitsuwa Marketplace makes the best ramen I’ve ever tasted. I haven’t been to Japan. But damn that spicy ramen with extra pork was fantastic.

5. My landlord is on it. As soon as I emailed about the furnace my landlord set the wheels in motion to geton getting it fixed. Hopefully it will be resolved today. This is a temperate climate so it’s not a habitability or survival issue like it would be in some areas, but that didn’t delay the response any.

6. I still hate moving. That’s not about LA. But it’s true. Can’t wait to be done.