Unpacking…. Forever.

Yesterday was the first of my TWiT shows from LA. My studio setup isn’t done yet so I pulled some schtick and put boxes behind me to emphasize I’m in transition still. That didn’t stop people from making well-meaning suggestions about how to improve my set.

The bandwidth was plenty though, so the whole thing worked better than I expected, although the HV30 needs some camera tweaks.

Between getting things set for TNT and doing Frame Rate later in the day and then guesting on The Weird Things podcast, I didn’t get a lot done in the house. I did take a mic jog around the neighborhood with Sawyer the Dog, and learned there’s a Staples near us.

That led to a fruitless quest for a new chair. The chair I have isn’t talk enough for the new set, so I’ve been sitting on a box. It’s not very comfortable. I found a drafting chair at Staples but the only one they had in stock was broken. They said another location on Bundy Drive had three. I went there and they said they couldn’t find them. Mind you both locations had floor models. So the guy at Staples offered to order it online for me. Which saved me $30 somehow. It should arrive tomorrow.

This afternoon I had a little more time between work stuff so I took Jango the dog for a walk to Taco Bell and back. Right as we got home we witnessed a neighbor at another neighbors door shouting about a pile of dirt. Inlaid you not. From what I gathered, it had taken up a parking space and the elderly lady being yelled at had left handprints on a truck. Or something. I don’t care what the grey haired lady who can barely walk did, I don’t think it’s ok to scream at her at her front door. But to her credit she kept calm. The other lady yelled something about complaining to the neighborhood association and the senior center. So my neighborhood has an association! Good to know.

I spent a good amount of time unpacking my kitchen boxes after that. The coffee mugs are unpacked! No more paper cups. But bow my legs hurt. But my chair comes tomorrow and I think I figured out how to build my own desk. So things are looking up.

A few more minutes of rest and I think my legs will be ready to try unpacking some clothes.