Today in Tech History – March 18, 2017

Today in Tech History logo1931 – Jacob Schick began marketing his second electric razor. His first hadn’t caught on because of the bulky motor. This time the more practical design became a hit.

1965 – The Voskhod 2 launched and on the second orbit Cosmonaut Aleksei Leonov left the capsule (on purpose) for 12 minutes, becoming the first person to walk in space.

1987 – Thousands of physicists crowded a ballroom at the New York Hilton at the meeting of the American Physical Society to hear speakers talk on high-temperature superconductivity. The session started in the evening and ran until 3:15 AM earning the nickname “Woodstock of Physics.”

2015 – Sony launched its Internet TV service called PlayStation Vue in New York, Chicago and Philadelphia. For $50 a month subscribers got around 50 channels plus the ability to record shows in the cloud for up to 28 days.

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