Today in Tech History – March 14, 2018

1839 – Sir John Herschel presented his ‘Note on the Art of Photography, or the application of the Chemical Rays of Light to the purposes of Pictorial Representation’ to the Royal Society, likely the first use of the word ‘photography’.

1879 – Albert Einstein was born in Ulm in Württemberg, Germany. He would grow up to work in the Swiss patent office. And reinvent physics.

1994 – Linus Torvalds posted to comp.os.linux.announce that Linux kernel release 1.0. had arrived.

2006 – Amazon announced its S3 storage service, designed to provide Web developers with cheap fast storage for their online services. Amazon charged $0.15 per gigabyte of storage per month and $0.20 per gigabyte of data transferred.

2013 – Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy S IV phone would come out in April. Their broadway-influenced presentation received much criticism.

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