Today in Tech History – January 11, 2016

20140404-073853.jpgIn 1954 – BBC TV broadcast their first ‘in-vision’ weather forecast. George Cowling of the Meteorological Office presented from the BBC’s Lime Grove studios with two hand-drawn weather charts pinned to an easel.

In 2001 – AOL and Time Warner completed their merger. At the time it was seen as a signal of the victory of the Internet over old media. Time Warner would eventually come out on top and spin AOL back out as separate company.

In 2001 – Dave Winer revealed “Payloads for RSS” which allowed among other things, enclosures. One example was an RSS feed which would deliver a different Grateful Dead song each day. It was the proto-podcast.

In 2005 – Apple introduced the first iPod Shuffle, a music player with no screen and flash memory.

In 2013 – RSS 1.0 and Reddit Developer Aaron Swartz was found dead after committing suicide.

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