Things I’ve experienced in LA

– I’ve walked to the hardware store, the pet store, the book store and the coffee shop. Other people were walking too.

– Most people are friendly, and not in a fake way.

– People bicycle a lot.

– I rarely drive, when I do it isn’t far and I fill up gas rarely.

– On Groundhog Day I walked to breakfast without a jacket. I’d take four more weeks of this kind of winter.

– I don’t think I’ve had a single dish with cilantro. I did have excellent Lengua guisada yesterday for lunch. I’ve also had a lamb burger with duck confit and Kim Chee tacos.

– I’ve seen one or two smoggy days so far but the only day the air actually didn’t feel clean was the afternoon I arrived in Salt Lake City.

– I learned that people in LA often find it rude when you run your windshield cleaner in traffic. I did not find this put through personal experience.

– Parking will often cost you a couple bucks in meter or valet tips but its never been the impossible situation it often was for me in San Francisco.

– The fresh meat selection at Trader Joes is vastly inferior to what it was in Novato and Petaluma. I guess the restaurants buy all the good steaks.