The Windup Girl Wrapup – The S&L Podcast #031

We’ve finally finished the Windup girl and we’r ready to wrap it up, but we also have news, some sad (RIP Frank Frazetta) and some glad (Game of Thrones!) Plus we have some excellent thought-provoking commentary from the Goodreads group.  And best of all, we announce we’ll have another episode next week!  Find out who our special guest interview is. (raised eyebrow)


Frank Frazetta, RIP       
Nebula Award Winners (Includes Windup Girl)              
Game of Thrones News       
George R. R. Martin talks ‘Game of Thrones’ as the HBO show’s ‘Daenerys’ departs       
Winter is Coming – A blog about Game of Thrones series on HBO      
Has ‘A Dance with Dragons’ been announced? Check here. Every day.   
BOOK Wrap-up

Wind-up Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi   


Bitter Seeds by Ian Tregillis

BARE YOUR SWORD – feedback from the audience        
Cannot finish. Will not finish   
The Blade Itself – thoughts on this book?   
Last man on earth / post apoc book   

Stephen Baxter has a tendency to destroy the Earth in a number of his books. Notably:

Moonseed – Earth wiped out completely starting in the opening scene.
Evolution – Human evolution from triumph of mammals to the end of humanity (Earth survives, people don’t)
Flood – All land gone. Some humans survive.

He’s one of my favourite “Laser” authors and well worth reading.

Simon Williams


This is a little old but in catching up on my rss feed of I
came across this. Ridley Scott!

Thanks for the great group & podcast.

Peter Hansen  



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