The Forever War – The S&L Podcast #024

It’s time to wrap up Haldeman’s The Forever War, but we still haven’t finished talking about Songs of Ice and Fire. So we start with a quick recap of our thoughts up through A Feast for Crows, then intro our new book choice, Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Mists of Avalon.

QUICK BURNS – unrelated news of the month

Octavia Butler’s Papers Preserved For Future Generations

Mary Russell has been Twittering at Veronica

October 27th will be a HUGE day for book releases


Was it dated by having a date?

Nick W. – What did you think of the ending?

Mists of Avalon – Kickoff

1982 novel. It’s a re-telling of the Arthurian legend from a female point of view.

The book follows the trajectory of Morgaine (often called Morgan Le Fay in other works), a priestess fighting to save her matriarchal Celtic culture in a country where patriarchal Christianity threatens to destroy the pagan way of life. The book follows the lives of Gwenhwyfar (Guinevere), Viviane, Morgause and other women who are often marginalized in Arthurian retellings. King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table are supporting rather than main characters. A lot of people accuse the book of being anti-Christian. (Via Wikipedia)

“About the time I began work on the Morgan le Fay story that later became Mists, a religious search of many years culminated in my accepting ordination in one of the Gnostic Catholic churches as a priest. Since the appearance of the novel, many women have consulted me about this, feeling that the awareness of the Goddess has expanded their own religious consciousness, and ask me if it can be reconciled with Christianity. I do feel very strongly, not only that it can, but that it must.” – Marion Zimmer Bradley

Isaac Asimov called it “the best retelling of the Arthurian Saga I have ever read”

Turned into a miniseries on TNT in 2001.

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