Thanks iphone-dev team

The folks who bring you the PwnageTol for jailbreaking and unlocking the iPhone noticed the video I did on CNET about their tool. Seems they liked it, which gratifies me greatly.  I’m a huge admirer of what they do and a grateful beneficiary of their work.

They did have some good-natured chuckles at my pronunciation of Pwnage (pone-udge) and Cydia (see-dee-uh). But as can be seen in the comments on their blog, many take liberties with pronunciation.  Even though I *know* Pwnage should be prounced like Ownage I just find it more fun to pronounce the P. Cydia on the other hand I was a total n00b at pronouncing, so fell back on my native accent and butchered it.

Therefore I call on the open sourcing of the pronunciation of both terms. Problem solved.

In any case, I’m extrememly pleased they liked the video, and am even more pleased that the firmware upgrade tool will come out shortly, with Installer!

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