S&L Podcast – #76 – Interview with Tad Williams

Subtitle: Veronica goes “SQUEEE!!!”

Since practically the first moment we discussed doing the book club, Veronica has told me how Tad Williams was the foundation of her fantasy reading history.  Today, we get the pleasure of talking with Tad about what he writes, how he writes, and why he’s become the godfather of Sword and Laser.


Congrats to Peter Dinklage!

The Mountain is recast, plus some new villains for THRONES

German student creates an illuminated edition of THE SILMARILLION



9/20/2011 Reamde, Neal Stephenson
9/20/2011 Goliath, Scott Westerfeld
9/22/2011 The Islanders by Christopher Priest
9/27/2011 Ganymede, Cherie Priest (Tor)
9/27/2011 The Hum and the Shiver, Alex Bledsoe
9/27/2011 The Immorality Engine by George Mann
10/1/2011 Manhattan in Reverse by Peter F. Hamilton


Bay Area-based Tad Williams is the author of many outstanding books, including several series, such as Memory Sorrow and Thorn, Otherland, and Shadowmarch. On a personal note, his novel Tailchaser’s Song was the book that basically got Veronica interested in fantasy in the first place! Follow him on Facebook!


In your discussion on the use of German in FlashForward, I cringed when you pronounced “jawohl”. It is pronounced like “yah-VOLE”, and is something you would expect to hear on Hogan’s Heroes reruns, or in the phrase “”Jawohl, mein Herr!””, but I never heard it in Germany when I lived there for several months in the mid 80’s.

I love your podcast,

Kevin Hansen


Hi Tom and Veronica,

As promised, here’s a small pronounciation lesson for some of the German words that you talked about in the last episode.

If you have any more questions, just ask.

Have a great day and looking forward to the next podcast, Anne.


“Sword and Laser” in different languages


Gantt, AJ, Michael, Joseph, Adam, and Daric!


Next time we’ll kick off: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. And Reamde, if you’re so inclined!


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