S&L Podcast – #72 – Interview with Kristian Nairn (Hodor!)

No book pick this week, but we do have a special interview with the man who plays Hodor in the HBO series Game of Thrones.  We’ll find out what he had to do to get the role and how he thinks Hodor thinks. Plus a look at the Hugos and a new book recommendation engine.


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Kristian Nairn plays Hodor on the HBO series Game of Thrones. He’s also a DJ and WoW player!

Did he ever just wish his character was mute so he could stop saying “Hodor!”? Also, did he answer a casting call? If so what was the character description? — Nick

Since this is his first major role, I’d like to know a bit about the casting process. How did he land role? What was the audition like? (a lot of Hodoring one would expect) —  Tero

I’d like to know how much say he had in his dialogue. No, seriously. There was a distinct lack of Hodoring in the show and I’d really like to know if he was involved in any discussions on how much Hodor is too much Hodor. I’m wondering whether they were toning it down to not grate on people, or if they just didn’t have time to explain his backstory and didn’t want people wondering about it until they’d had a chance to. — Been

As a fellow big guy (6’7″” and about 280) did he have problems walking around the castles? I almost knocked myself out walking through a castle in Wales wearing a baseball cap. I walked strait into a stone door frame I could not see b/c the hat bill blocked it. Can only imagine how tough that would be with someone riding piggy back. — Alden

Do you think that Hodor has intense internal thought but is unable to communicate it effectively? He can clearly understand what other people expect of him and can look after himself in other ways. — Michael


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