S&L Podcast – #68 – Ad-libbing in Dothraki

We start dancing about dragons, face an uprising from the listeners, and talk with David Peterson. As the creator of the Dothraki language, he advises us to tell the audience “Anha ochomok yeraan kijinosi.”


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The thread from episode 67, AKA “Let’s blame Tom”

INTERVIEW – Starts at 22:01

David Peterson – LCS President (Language Creation Society), creator of the Dothraki language.

David was nice enough to translate the passage on the show and pointed us to this link for an example of some diagramming of Dothraki:

“I will not have your body burned. I will not give you that honor. The beetles will feed on your eyes. The worms will crawl through your lungs. The rain will fall on your rotting skin… until nothing is left of you but bones.”

Ánha vazhók khadoés yeroón virsalát. Ánha ochomók yeraán kíjinosi. Ínte vádakhie tíhoa ma khéwo áfilki vi gadimaán. Eyél várthasoe she ilekaán ríkhoya arrekaán vékha vósi yeroón vósma tolórro.


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