S&L Podcast – #126 – More like Dragon-FIGHT!

Controversy swirls around the Sword and Laser book picks both old and new. It makes being George R. R. Martin look downright easy. And then he goes and buys a movie theater. For real. You must listen.

George R.R. Martin buys a movie theatre
China Mieville’s turn-it-to-11 high weirdness reboot of “Dial H”
Petition to get Isaac Asimov a commemorative plaque
Too much violence in fantasy?
In a future with one last bookstore, a boy falls in love with reading


Wrap-up Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey
Female characters in Pern
On the use of Dragons
A Whiteboard Reflection on Pern

If you remember the main trip to get back 400 years to bring the other weyr’s forward, show used the tapestry from Ruatha Hold.

The dragons of Pern need an image in the riders mind to travel between to that place. They also use an image to travel between times.

This is why the riders don’t go back in time to battle thread when necessary, they need that image to get there. It also drain’s both dragon and rider.

I don’t know how far you are into all the other books, but Lessa wasn’t the first to time travel (chronologically speaking), In “”Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern””, Moreta did some if my memory serves me.

If you haven’t read the series before, you must read Dragonsdawn! It’s the “”laser”” Dragonriders book. Basically, the first book (chronologically) of the series. I really love that book. If I had to rank the books, I would go Harper Hall trilogy, Dragonsdawn, Dragonflight, Dragonquest then The White Dragon. The others are really good, but those 7 are my absolute favorite books.

Looking forward to Sword & Laser having video shows again (really missing them!),


Wool by Hugh Howey
Controversy around Howey statements
Wikipedia entry about Wool



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