S&L Podcast – #116 – Secret of success

Friends of Sword and Laser are doing VERY well.  We’re not saying that being a guest on Sword and Laser will guarantee you riches… but it seems like it might.  Just saying. Also we have verification on the humanity of the Bibliomat. Also WARNING: there’s cursing. But it’s worth it. All that and Moria, on this episode.



I went to the Monkey’s Paw this weekend when I was in Toronto. I took a video (albeit crappy) of it. I was thinking I could send you guys the book for your set, as the random book I received ended up being….”The Dictionary of Mysticism”. 
What do you think?
Caitlin from Canada

Tom Merritt 
So….. person inside??

Caitlin O’Brien
to Tom, Veronica 
….sort of. I put my money in, and it made some noises, but nothing came out. A guy at the front of the store yelled “”just a minute!”” and came back to load it for me. Once he was done, he gave me back my toonie and told me keeping it stocked is a full time second job. So, there was human involvment – just no human inside. Plus, when I was googling the address, I came across this video: http://jezebel.com/5965769/magical-used-book-store-dispenses-random-literary-treasures and it shows how it works.
I was pretty excited that something so relevant to the Sword and Laser came out.
Hey Tom & Veronica, just wanted to leave some feedback on the audio podcasts. I really like the new overall show balance you guys have got going these days with the news in the audio podcast, and also the more relaxed feel that you seem to have. The audio show is the perfect thing to listen to late at night with a glass of wine when you need to unwind. (I’m drinking a nice locally-made Ontario riesling, for the record.)
I love the idea of the audience being on the audio show, the “”plead your case”” scenario, especially in cases like Nick’s. Have you heard back from him yet? Is he going to be on the show?
As always, I love all the show formats, audio and video. Have a great day!
Gordon S. McLeod
“Tom and Veronica,
I just wanted to say that I think you do a wonderful job with The Sword and Laser podcast and YouTube show.
I started listening to the podcast in 2009. Since then, you have introduced me to so many great books. I don’t often read along with your picks, but I usually add them to my “”to-read”” list and have read many of them later on.
I’ve also really enjoyed the author interviews over the years. The author spotlights on the YouTube show are especially nice.
Oh, and I have to send a big thanks for convincing me to sign up for Audible. My commutes to work are sooooo much better now.
Thanks for everything and keep up the great work!
Happy holidays,
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