S&L Podcast – #110 – Interview with Anton Strout!

It’s a virtual bachelorette party of SciFi and Fantasy discussion today, with a chat about how SciFi can be interesting if it follows the laws of physics, and an interview with author Anton Strout.

Tom: Kona Big Wave Golden Ale
Veronica: Fruity vodka drink with Passion Fruit and stuff

The full story of the Targaryen Conquest in A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE
Sneak peek at graphic novel of Wrinkle in Time
William Gibson on Twitter, Antique Watches and Internet Obsessions
William Gibson on Why Sci-Fi Writers Are (Thankfully) Almost Always Wrong
William Gibson on Punk Rock, Internet Memes, and ‘Gangnam Style’
William Gibson on the io9 show
Neal Stephenson on the Hieroglyph Project
Neal Stephenson on Predictions and Surprises 
How to Write a Killer Space Adventure Without Breaking the Speed of Light 


Interview with Anton Strout

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