Season One of S&L Video coming to an end!

​The S&L studio team does jazz hands.

As many of you may know from the most recent audio podcast, the video edition of S&L is coming to an end (for now). Huge thanks to Geek & Sundry for making the whole thing possible, for our friends at Pixel Corps for the production and post-production services (and for being awesome in general), and to Fonco Creative for bringing our set (and Lem) to life!​

Tom and I are looking into new ways to keep the show alive going forward, so don’t fret! We have our hands full right now will getting the anthology off the ground, but we promise you we’re working on it. ​

Episodes of the video show will continue through the end of March, and you can always keep up with the book club on Goodreads and the audio podcast!

Thanks for watching!​